Professional Development



Education professional development has been central to our work for many years.  We focus on the requirements of the experienced professional, whether this is a classroom teacher, a headteacher or school principal or an education administrator. Key areas of our specialisms include:

  • Education leadership
  • Curriculum management
  • Special education needs
  • Heritage and Culture
  • Environmental Education
  • Subject Specific Courses

Courses enable professionals to review their own experience in an international context, and to learn new approaches to their work.

We met nice, engaged and passionate teachers both in the schools and within the group.
Comment from a Course Member

Our courses usually take place in the historic City of Bath in the heart of the West of England. Only an hour and a half from central London by fast train, and with London Heathrow and Bristol Airports nearby, Bath offers a historic experience unique in Western Europe. The Romans made Bath a key centre of their Empire for three hundred years and the Roman Baths are an amazing example of their expertise.  From later in history, the buildings of the Georgian period (in the 18th century) are uniquely preserved in the city.

With a wide range of museums, cafes and restaurants, together with theatres and shops, there is much to experience outside the course! A good range of hotel and other accommodation is available, from high end luxury to more economic locations.

Courses last from three or four days to two weeks. We have on offer courses exclusive to groups from one location, or for groups made up of participants from different locations.

Our courses are staffed by professionals with many years’ experience and include experience in local schools wherever possible.  A friendly welcoming approach is central to our offer.

I especially liked the interesting conversations in English about schooling, aims, politics etc. The school visits were also very interesting.

Comment from a Course Member

We have, for several years offered courses under the EU Erasmus+ scheme which have, over the years, been attended by several hundred participants from every EU country.

We have also offered tailor made professional education group experiences to educators, for example from: Germany, Norway, Romania, the United States of America, Japan, several Caribbean countries, Jordan and other Middle East countries.

If you are interested in bringing a group for a professional education experience, or want to join a group as an individual please get in touch by emailing   We look forward to hearing from you.

I enjoyed the course because it was a very important experience for me as I had the chance to learn the educational system of other European countries, to cultivate my European consciousness and to practice my English.
Comment from a Course Member

A Note About Covid-19

Like everyone else we have been impacted by the global pandemic. In the UK there are promising indications that numbers of cases are falling to such a low level that it will soon be possible to receive overseas visitors again.  Now is the time to talk to us about opportunities in 2022, and it may be possible to make provisional plans for late 2021.