Professional Development

Professional development


We have many years experience of working with teachers and other education professionals across Europe and the wider world. Over more than 20 years we have supported thousands of teachers in developing their expertise and skills.  We have the networks which enable teachers to get first hand experience of schools in England and contact with experienced teachers in the UK. We offer professional development opportunities for education administrators, headteachers, school principals, individual teachers and other school staff.

A major feature of all Merganser opportunities is that they offer the opportunity to visit and spend time in local schools: all the schools visits will demonstrate examples of excellent current practice. We know our partner schools well and work closely with teachers and headteachers to provide the best possible experience for our visitors.

We met nice, engaged and passionate teachers both in the schools and within the group.
Comment from a Course Member

Erasmus+ (Please see note below)
Erasmus+ is the European Union scheme which offers funding support for exciting opportunities for school education staff from the 27 countries of the EU as well as those from Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Turkey and Norway.

Many of our courses and opportunities are designed with Erasmus+ funding in mind. Merganser offers courses as well as other opportunities and training events for teachers, headteachers and other school staff. We are based in and around the beautiful world heritage city of Bath and the historic city of Bristol in the south west of England.  Further general information about our offers for Erasmus + are available to download here: general-2017

In-service training for schools is an important feature of Erasmus+ and comes under Key Action 1 (KA1). Under this programme individuals can no longer apply, only institutions. The application takes the form of a mobility project within the context of a European Development Plan for the institution.

I especially liked the interesting conversations in English about schooling, aims, politics etc. The school visits were also very interesting.

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Merganser Opportunities and Courses
We are extremely flexible in our approach and are able to offer bespoke courses, training events and opportunities to meet your needs and interests responding to your European Development Plan. Job shadowing opportunities in local primary and secondary schools are available.  More information about job shadowing is in a leaflet which you can download here: job-shadowing-2017

We offer our popular training courses on several themes. All courses can include a significant English language element if required.

We offer courses and workshops on themes such as:

  • Inclusive Teaching and Special Educational Needs
  • New Initiatives in Teaching, Learning and Classroom Management
  • Using ICT to facilitate new developments in Teaching and Learning
  • Developing a European Dimension in your School
  • Leadership and Management specifically for Headteachers and school leaders. Information about our School Leadership offer can be downloaded here: leadership-2017
  • Assessment, target setting and self evaluation in the UK Education System
  • Education in the heritage city of Bath with a focus on citizenship, history or geography

More information about courses for classroom teachers can be downloaded here: teachers-2017

To discuss how we can respond to your requirements please get in touch by e-mailing:

Mobility Projects and your European Development Plan
Under a mobility project, funding is available for teachers, school leaders and other school staff to participate in structured courses or training events abroad.

A mobility (including course attendance) has to:

  • Be framed within a European Development Plan
  • Respond to clearly identified staff development needs
  • Be accompanied by appropriate selection, preparation and follow-up measures
  • Ensure that the learning outcomes of participating staff are properly recognised
  • Ensure that the learning outcomes are disseminated and widely used within the organisation
  • Last a minimum of 2 days, excluding travel time

Please contact us if you would like help or guidance with your European Development plan. The Merganser team can help you structure your school’s plan to meet the EU criteria as well as your individual school’s needs. Each plan will be unique and we can show you how our training opportunities can match your requirements.

I enjoyed the course because it was a very important experience for me as I had the chance to learn the educational system of other European countries, to cultivate my European consciousness and to practice my English.
Comment from a Course Member

Please note that the UK is no longer a member of the Erasmus+ scheme, although we understand that opportunities that have been planned up to September 2021 can still be funded.  This is however at the discretion of the European Commission and potential participants need to check with their National Agency before finalising arrangements.  We are currently (December 30th 2020) unclear as to the arrangements after that date, but our understanding is that it will be a matter for the European Commission as to whether students incoming to the UK can be financially supported. For information, the UK is planning to set up an equivalent scheme (the Turing Programme) but we have not yet seen any details.