What we do

Our concern is with effective education reform and high quality management, using experience gained in many international situations.  With our experience we are able to work at a variety of levels in the system, including in national ministries, regional offices and individual schools.


  • As a group of senior experienced consultants we have worked in the public and private sectors  to support management development including the development of education systems, schools and teachers world-wide.
  • Clarity of thinking and precision in recommendations are particularly important to us, and we believe are critical to success.
  • We provide all the skills and experience of the large management consultancy firms but with a level of flexibility and responsiveness which is only possible in a relatively small and tightly managed organisation. The principals of Merganser have all worked successfully at senior levels in very large global organisations, and know their strengths – and also their limitations.
  • We strongly believe that the end user, whether that is client, citizen, child or teacher should be at the heart of priorities – we believe in trying hard to demonstrate by our own actions the values we subscribe to.